Mince Meat Cookies

Mince meat pie is one of my favorites, although it’s not all that popular anymore, having been replaced at the holidays with pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pies. I made a mince meat pie a few years ago and I think my dad and I were the only ones who had any. Although the name … Continue reading

Vintage Holiday Recipes

Here you will find links to some of our most popular heirloom and vintage holiday recipes, from pumpkin pies and fruit cakes to classic Betty Crocker cookies and cocktail party food. If there is a quintessential holiday recipe that I have missed, please comment and I will see if I have it on hand for … Continue reading

Happy Blog-iversary, Gram’s!

A little over a year ago I received the gift of my grandmother’s recipe box, which turned itself into this site. March 21st marks the day I launched Gram’s Recipe Box, and shortly thereafter I registered the domain name, making this more than just another vintage recipe blog. I’ve seen other sites pick up on … Continue reading

Swedish Timbale Iron

I have had this thing forever! I was unpacking a box of miscellany today and found it along with another gem I will save for a future post. My mother had this, it had been her mother’s. I don’t remember Mom ever using it. It is a Swedish Timbale Iron… We aren’t Swedish lol and … Continue reading