Beef Goulash

I think I have to change the name of this recipe because it doesn’t resemble any goulash I have ever made or eaten. For one thing, it has no paprika at all, and that’s practically a requirement for a true Hungarian goulash, right? It’s more of a Mexican style chili thing. It is to be served over rice, fritos or Doritos, which makes me think of a “walking taco” which we used to have on Girl Scout campouts. But, the pork & beans seems like an odd addition. I don’t know; just not convinced on this one that it’s something that will grace my table any time soon.

Beef Goulash


1 lb ground meat

Salt & pepper




1 can pork & beans

2 Tbsp catsup

3 Tbsp bbq sauce

2 tsp sugar

simmer 15 minutes

Serve over rice, fritos, Doritos

One thought on “Beef Goulash

  1. It does have an odd assortment of stuff in it, but I think it does sound rather good – I probably would have made it when the family was younger and was trying to fill everyone up. Or I might have served it over macaroni.


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