We made the cheesy hamburgers

After having posted the recipe for Hamburgers in Cheese Sauce the other day, I decided what the heck, lets go ahead and try it! I used premade hamburger patties, so I could only fit six into a 9×14 pan. Each was topped with a slice of onion, salt & pepper, and we baked them as directed. Next we went to work on the cheese sauce.

I realized after I was fully committed to this project that I had forgotten to buy cream of celery soup. Oops, typical me, I had to improvise. I mixed 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of chicken stock and 1 T of corn starch together. We then added the dry mustard, chili sauce (I used Cholula) and grated cheese. I forgot the Worcestershire sauce, but it was fine because the Cholula is pretty snappy.

Melty cheese sauce

We put it on the stove over medium heat and stirred it frequently. The sauce became very smooth, creamy and cheesy. This took a little less time than the baking time of 20 minutes for the burgers. Then we poured the whole shebang over the burgers and returned them to the oven.

Cheesy burgers

I forgot to take a photo once they were on the buns. The sauce was snappy and as it cooled became a little thicker. The burgers were well, well done, so if you like yours a bit more rare and tender, bake them for more like 10 minutes, then 10 minutes with the sauce. We also didn’t have a side dish, because these were filling. All in all, I’d say they were good.

3 thoughts on “We made the cheesy hamburgers

  1. I found your blog on Far Side of Fifty and I really like your idea of using your grandmother’s recipes. I am going to try this cheeseburger one, thank you. And I think I might post some of MY grandmother’s recipes … love the idea. Thank you.


    • Connie, glad to see you here! If you try them let me know how they turn out. And definitely let me know if you post some of your Gram’s recipes – the more the better!


  2. I made this again this past weekend, and made a few additional changes. 1. bake the burgers 30 minutes total for medium. 2. it might be good to pour the cheese sauce over top once the burgers are done baking. As they bake, they of course leave their grease in the bottom of the pan. If you pour the cheese sauce over top and continue to bake, the grease mixes in with the sauce. 3. Again I made the sauce differently – I used beef broth and half & half, added some Worcestershire and skipped the pepper sauce. It was really good!! I’m also thinking of trying this with purple onion next time for a different dimension. Yum!


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