Delightful Apple Cake

The Apple Cake recipe sounded so good (and so easy) that I decided I’d give it a try! We cut and peeled 2 large Fuji apples, then I chopped them fine in the mini Cuisinart, yielding 4 cups.

Ingredients assembled and ready to go

The recipe is ridiculously easy once you get through the tedious process of chopping the apples. If you don’t have a food chopper or Cuisinart of some kind, this is a good excuse to go buy one.

My lovely helper

The recipe indicates this should go in a greased pan, so that’s what we did. The batter is reminiscent of a chiffon cake, which does not go into a greased pan. The result, below, is that the edges pulled away and crisped. I do wonder if I didn’t grease the pan and then hung it might it come out differently.

Crispy edges

I also forgot to put in the nuts. Oops. It didn’t make much difference in the taste though. The cake turned out moist, has a nice consistency, but is not real sweet. I have this on the authority of a bakers’ son, and I trust him.

Soo good

I might try adding 1/2 cup of brown sugar in the future, and of course, I’ll remember the nuts.

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