Browny-Cake Topping

How to make your cake more decadent in two simple steps! This would take the place of icing on a cake. My go-to cake flavor for this topping would be chocolate (Oscar’s would be divine!), but a white cake would also be really delicious with this topping as well. Browny-Cake Topping (Bingham Collection) 1 c … Continue reading

Yeast Rolls

Here I am on vacation in the South so I thought a recipe for yeast rolls would be a fitting post for today. These require scalded milk, which I don’t know yet how to make. Slather these with butter and enjoy! Yeast Rolls – Batter – Makes 15 Mix 1/2 c scalded milk 1/4 c … Continue reading


If you are like me, you associate gingerbread with Christmas, but it’s not really. Gingerbread is a sweet and moist cake and often served with fresh whipped cream or whipped cream cheese frosting, if desired. A friend a long time ago made me a gingerbread cake for my birthday and it was delicious! Bake as … Continue reading

Brown Sugar Squares

We are moving on to one of my favorite subjects…cookies! I love to bake cookies and by far the largest section in Gram’s Recipe Box is the cookie section, so she must have too.  :-) I like how old recipes are often written the way the person thought. For instance, several ingredients grouped together, bracket … Continue reading

Delicious for a Saturday morning

Friday evening we made Coffee Cake #2. This recipe was very easy and turned out quite nicely. I used Crisco shortening since I happened to have it on hand. I mixed together all the dry ingredients for the cake and then added in the egg and shortening. I didn’t cream them, but it could be … Continue reading