Browny-Cake Topping

How to make your cake more decadent in two simple steps! This would take the place of icing on a cake. My go-to cake flavor for this topping would be chocolate (Oscar’s would be divine!), but a white cake would also be really delicious with this topping as well.

Browny-Cake Topping (Bingham Collection)

1 c rolled oats

1/2 c chopped walnuts

1/4 c flour

1/4 c peanut butter

1/3 c honey

Mix with fork till crumbly. Spread over cake after baking.

One thought on “Browny-Cake Topping

  1. Sounds yummy – I think I would use pecans, and make a double recipe for my cake! Whether all of got to the cake – that’s another question.


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