Corn Relish (Mrs. Borgwordt)

I was initially picturing a whole-kernel corn relish, but since this goes through a food chopper, it must be more like a spread. The 6-7 pints would then be canned as per the desired canning method. Corn Relish 1 dozen corn [ears] scraped (large) 6 green peppers 1 qt pickles (skinned) 1 qt ripe tomatoes … Continue reading

Corn Relish b/w Sweet Pickles

I noticed that many of the recipes in this booklet have a checkmark next to them, which leads me to believe they were transferred elsewhere, either to cards or into a more sturdy recipe book. It makes sense to me. Years ago my mother transcribed hundreds of her favorite recipes from cards, clippings and letters, … Continue reading

An exciting find!

One way I find source material for this blog is to troll ebay and pray that some recipe collector doesn’t snipe the items I want. Recently I have bid on several handwritten recipe journals dating from the early 20th century and earlier. Most I either gave up on because the price was just too rich … Continue reading