Corn Relish b/w Sweet Pickles

I noticed that many of the recipes in this booklet have a checkmark next to them, which leads me to believe they were transferred elsewhere, either to cards or into a more sturdy recipe book. It makes sense to me. Years ago my mother transcribed hundreds of her favorite recipes from cards, clippings and letters, to create a one of a kind recipe book for my sister and me. Mine is care worn and well used, and once I left it open on a hot burner, scorching the plastic cover, whoops! Family recipes are one of our greatest treasures!

Corn Relish

12 ears corn

6 peppers

1 qt lima beans

3 stalks celery

Sugar, salt, vinegar, pepper to taste

My assumption here is that you would hull the corn and chop the peppers and celery. I can’t begin to guess if you cook it or just keep it cold. ??

Sweet Pickles

100 pickles

1 gal pure (?) vinegar

1/2 cup salt

.05 worth mixed spices

10 cts saccharine whole

Mix all together and put over pickles. 2 tablespoons full of mustard dry or wet.








One thought on “Corn Relish b/w Sweet Pickles

  1. On the relish you would use corn already cooked, and leave the rest uncooked. Then combine for quite a long time for it to marry.


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