Salmon Loaf

This particular recipe seems like you could use canned salmon if you don’t have cooked salmon available, or fresh to cook. Of course, if you have fresh salmon to cook, why would you then turn it into a loaf? Just eat it! However, this might be made with leftover or the like. The use of the pan of hot water while baking is called a bain maire, and it is used for delicate foods that require very even temperature during cooking.

Salmon Loaf

Mix 1 pound of flaked salmon, 1 cup grated bread crumbs, 2 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup milk or white stock, a few grains pepper, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon onion juice and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Turn into a mold lined with buttered paper and set in a pan of hot water. Bake in a  moderate oven until firm. Turn out onto platter, remove paper and garnish with crisp parsley and serve with tomato or Hollandaise sauce.


Salmon Loaf

1 lb salmon, flaked

1 cup bread crumbs

2 eggs, beaten

1/2 cup milk or white stock


1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon onion juice (substitute onion powder?)

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix together. Line a mold with buttered parchment paper. Pour the mix into the mold. Place the mold into a larger shallow pan with hot water in it. Bake at 350 until firm. Turn out onto a platter, remove the paper, and garnish. Serve with tomato sauce or Hollandaise sauce.

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