Grape Juice (Doris Sallada)

Grape Juice

I never really thought about how grape juice is made, except to assume it is cooked, strained, and processed. This recipe shows us how very simple it really is. I have not tried it…yet. It would be easy to make this with organic grapes if that is a concern to you, and even with sugar substitute for a lighter version.

Grape Juice (Doris Sallada)

1 c grapes in quart jar

Dissolve 1/3 c sugar in warm water. Add to grapes & fill jar with cold water. Seal jars. Cook in canner for 15 min. Cool.

One thought on “Grape Juice (Doris Sallada)

  1. Love this!! We just harvested our grape vine and made jelly and a kuchen but if we have any extra I’m definitely giving this a try!


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