Easter Eggs Cream

Easter Eggs Cream

Cream cheese Easter egg filling

Easter Eggs Cream back

Chocolate coating

Chocolate dipped Easter eggs sound so easy when you see how few ingredients there are. I am feeling tempted to try this. Has anyone ever made their own? As site reader Diane B and I discussed recently, it is much easier to just buy the pre-made ones from Hershey’s or even See’s.

Easter Eggs Cream

3 boxes 3 x sugar

8 oz cream cheese

1/2 lb butter or oleo

Mix & mold & let cool in refrigerator. If you want it smoother add 1 jar (25 cent size) marshmallow to make creamier.

Fruit & Nut –¬†Maraschino cherries – cut fine – walnuts – ride fine – or pineapple chopped fine – mix with top

Chocolate for dipping

3 inches wax

8 squares of chocolate

1/4 tsp vanilla

4 T shortening

melt & dip in this & set on wax paper to set & cool





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