Fried Pies Again aka Fried Apricot Pie

This clipping is called “Fried Pies Again” which reflects that the column ran a previous bit about fried pies. I’m thinking of the pies you get at McDonald’s or the like, fried in hot oil and served warm. They seem quite simple and you could probably substitute many different fruits for the filling.

Fried Pies Again (aka Fried Apricot Pie)

1 pound dried apricots

1 cup sugar

Stew apricots until very tender and with very little juice. Add sugar and mash.

2 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teasing tablespoon shortening

Pinch salt

Water enough to make dough

Mix as for pie crust and roll. Cut into circles as large as a saucer (I use a coffee can lid). Put one tablespoon of apricots on each circle. Fold circle in middle and press edges firmly together. Fry in deep hot fat until brown on both sides.

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