Chocolate Fudge Eggs



This might be a fun activity for older kids and insane mommies, lol. Home made chocolate fudge eggs for Easter sound like just the kind of thing that drove mothers everywhere to purchase the foil wrapped ones from Hershey’s. However, for a fun project, I can’t deny the temptation to attempt this. You would want to let thee cool thoroughly and wrap them in foil squares I’d think. I don’t know if they will harden to a firm touch though, so maybe they will be sticky and you will just have to serve and eat them immediately.

Chocolate Fudge Eggs – 12 eggs

Boil together:

1 stick butter or oleo melted

2 pkg chocolate pudding mix

1/2 c milk or (1/2 cream & 1/2 water)

Boil 2 minutes. Stir constantly.

Remove from stove. Add 1 box XXX sugar (powdered sugar), 1 T vanilla. Add & mix together. Shape, let stand 1 hour.

If desired add 2 T peanut butter.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Eggs

  1. The pudding mix seems like a strange base for a fudge egg. Doesn’t seem like it would set up firm enough to be handled by kids, but then again, rock hard and it’s impossible to shape into an egg. I think the solution to this conundrum is to buy a chocolate egg, but then we’ll never know what really happens…


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