Easter Eggs – Cherry

Continuing in the Easter traditions, here is a recipe for cherry flavored chocolate eggs. I remember the fancy ones we bought through school fundraisers and the like, they were pretty good, like an extra giant sized nougat from See’s. Many had a sugar paste flower on top. This particular recipe is for the cherry flavored … Continue reading

Chocolate Fudge Eggs

This might be a fun activity for older kids and insane mommies, lol. Home made chocolate fudge eggs for Easter sound like just the kind of thing that drove mothers everywhere to purchase the foil wrapped ones from Hershey’s. However, for a fun project, I can’t deny the temptation to attempt this. You would want … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Eggs

Three cards, two recipes, one delicious treat. They appear to be pretty easy – just mix the stuff together and shape into egg shapes. However I think they would be better if once they were finished they were dipped in chocolate. Peanut Butter Eggs #s 1 & 2 1 lb box xxx sugar 3/4 c … Continue reading