Pie Crust

Pie Crust

Pie Crust including lard

I have admitted in the past that me and the rolling pin are not good friends. I either wind up with the dough wrapped around the pin or so much flour the dough dries out. It’s frustrating and I’m not the type to throw away ruined dough and start over just so I can get it right. I hate to be wasteful like that! So, I get my pie crust from Pillsbury. :-) However if you are inclined, this recipe looks rather simple. The lard probably makes this crust really light and flakey!

Pie Crust

4 cups flour

1 cup lard

1 cup butter


3/4 c milk

Makes 8 crusts

5 thoughts on “Pie Crust

  1. My mother made her pie crusts using lard, and they were light, flaky,and tasty! She said the secret was not to overhandle the dough; that makes it tough. I know with my sugar cookies I can’t be afraid to use too much flour when rolling them out (makes the cookies even better!) I am “chicken” like you about pie crust. But I have the lard, and maybe I just need to be fearless about flouring when I’m rolling it out!


  2. Never used lard in pie crusts and mine are really good. I’ve always used the Crisco standard recipe. Whatever amount of flour (1 cup for single crust, 2 cups for double) you use use half that amount shortening and half that amount of ice cold water. Tastes great, easy to make more or less and perfect for teaching fractions to kids! As I always tell my girls, baking is all about math!


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