Beans Mornay

Beans Mornay


Mornay sauce is a cheesy, warm and delicious sauce used to top meats, vegetables and seafood. It resembles this dish in no way at all. :-) A traditional Mornay sauce is made with a roux (melted butter mixed with white flour), then milk and grated cheeses are added, preferably Parmesan and gruyere, sometimes white cheddar. All is melted until thick and bubbly, then can be used to top various dishes, mixed with pasta for a macaroni & cheese or fettuccine alfredo-like dish, or even stored in the refrigerator for future use. Mornay sauce was invented in the early 1800s in Paris, and has become a staple in French cooking, as it is used in souffle and pudding in addition to the uses just mentioned. This recipe for Beans Mornay actually reminds me a bit of the famous green bean casserole served at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners across America.

Beans Mornay

Cook frozen green beans as directed

Can Condens cream of celery soup

Can onion rings

Alternate layers

350 F till hot & bubbly

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