Spiced Figs (Mrs. Laible)


I enjoy figs but not everyone does. In their fresh state they can be intensely sweet, but they are most often enjoyed dried, stewed or otherwise prepared. This recipe appears to stew them.

Figs apparently were one of the first foods cultivated by humans! The growing history goes back thousands of years, and they were widely used in the Mediterranean region in many dishes, both desserts and main dishes. Fig trees are often found as ornamental trees in home gardens; ants and birds love them. They can be messy if the fruit is not harvested, but the results of a harvest can be turned into numerous treats! The Kadota fig is one of the typical varieties found in the backyard garden. An interesting tidbit about the fruit – the center is actually made up of single seeded florets.

Spiced Figs

10 lbs Kadota figs

5 lbs sugar

3 cups vinegar

1 whole clove in end of each fig

Wash figs, stick whole clove in each fig.

Put figs, sugar and vinegar in pot together and cook until slightly thick

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