Stewed Fruit

This recipe would be more accurately titled “stewed prunes” but that isn’t the way Miss Ritchie wrote it way back when. Prunes as we know them today are the dried type, or even the stewed type, but really they are small plums, and when prepared fresh this would probably be a nice dessert. If you can’t find fresh prunes in your local grocery (you can’t I have looked) you might be able to find them at a green grocer or farmer’s market where plums are sold. Speak to the seller to find out if they have prunes or small plums available.

Stewed Fruit

Take 1 lb prunes thoroughly well wash them, put them into a clean saucepan, with 3 tablespoonsful of sugar, 2 tablespoonful water, a squeeze of lemon juice & a grate or two of the lemon rind. Let the prunes stew very slowly by the side of the fire & stir them constantly. When quite soft serve them by themselves on a glass dish or with some boiled rice round.

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