Butterfudge creations

This is the “top” portion of the slip that also included the savings coupon and often a regular coupon a homemaker could use at the store, like so:

This particular coupon expired in 1966, so don’t try it at the local Vons, and they definitely won’t double it!

So anyway, one side of the  slip has three complete recipes and the other side has two complete recipes. Each recipe is at least a few hours work if you want the item to turn out anywhere near the example. The luscious sounding Honey Buttered Fudge Cake has mere mortal women splitting the cake into 4 layers and adding swirls into the icing, while the the Butterfudge Fingers (which are the ones that I am positive Mrs. P used to make) feature a two step process of baking the brownie layer then icing it then topping it all with a layer of chocolate. Don’t get me started on the 8 individual Butterfudge Tarts with their Frozen Fudge Filling. Better Crocker was good for alliteration if not quick and easy recipes. For my own sanity I am not going to transcribe the recipes, but please right click to copy and then paste into your own word processing program to print and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Butterfudge creations

  1. These recipes were so complicated because many women were at home all day and baked on Thursdays or Fridays for the weekend..this is just the kind of involved recipe my Mother In Law would have labored over:)


  2. Those Butterfudge Fingers are similar to brownies my mom made, but they’re not it. I know this for a couple of reasons.
    1) She never did any sort of frosting that involved melted butter for the simple reason they NEVER work well. I’ve tried so many times and have been disappointed more times than I can count. My success rate is about 10%.
    2) Ours had/have a mint frosting layer instead of a browned butter frosting layer.
    3) I make her Chocolate Mint Brownies recipe all the time when I have to bring goodies for my symphony rehearsals.

    That Honey Buttered Fudge Cake doesn’t sound so hard, but I really don’t think the frosting would stay on the cake. Even in the perfect ideal picture, it looks like the icing is sliding off the cake. Meringue is NOT known for being a good cake frosting. Piled high on top of a pie is on e thing, but with the addition of honey and butter I just think it would be too heavy and just slide on down. As a filling, it’s probably yummy, but I wouldn’t trust it to be a show stopper. And by the way, it’s pretty easy to split a cake into 4 layers.


  3. I’m glad I decided several years ago that I would not try a new recipe unless it has 5 or fewer ingredients. And I have almost successfully been succeeded.


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