Cranberry & Orange Salad

Based on a recent comment from my mother, I am surmising that this handwriting belonged to Gram’s mother, Alice Sternberg (1870-1952). I don’t know much about Alice, except that she suffered from glaucoma and was almost blind. She lived with Gram and the family in her declining years when my mom was a girl.

This is another gelatin dish, although more along the sweet lines and it could be good. I am wondering if a cube of sugar has changed over the years, because it doesn’t sound like much sweetening for the dish. From what I’ve read, early gelatin recipes are often about showing prosperity as much as taste. Since people didn’t have refrigerators, or the quality of the refrigerators they had were not what we take for granted today, to serve a dish that required cooling was akin to saying “we have the ability to keep this cool just for you.” Gelatin molds were proudly displayed in kitchens so guests could see just how often or how many gelatins the housewife could make. I still have a couple of those pink ESSO molds and my sister has a couple others. Mine are on my kitchen wall, although I don’t make much Jello myself.

UPDATED to correct the amount of sugar.  Thanks Sandy!

Cranberry & Orange Salad

1 1/2 cups raw cranberries

1/2 large orange

1 cup sugar

2 tbls lemon flavored gelatine (1 pkg)

4 tbls cold water

1 cup hot water

Put raw cranberries & orange (rind too) through food chopper. Add sugar. Let stand 1 hour – add gelatin soaked 5 min in cold water then dissolved in hot water. Put in individual molds & chill.

4 thoughts on “Cranberry & Orange Salad

  1. Look close, I think the writing says 1 cup sugar. What you thought was a b is the 2 from the line above. Makes more sense this way. You need that much sugar for the tartness of the cranberries and the orange.


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