Chicken Casserole

You surely thought I had abandoned you, but in fact I was just enjoying the long weekend. Well, enjoying might be a stretch of the meaning of that word. My daughter had a flu bug and I’ve been preparing for a big weekend coming up July 10th/11th. It’s a big history timeline and my group will be in the frontier area. If I can pull it together, the camp cook is willing to try making the Upside Down Prune Cake in the Dutch oven over a campfire. I’ll let you know if that happens, and I’ll try to take some photos!

We’ve exhausted the sweets in the recipe box, so unless I find any more squirreled away, we are moving on to main dishes. Today we have Chicken Casserole. Sounds pretty good and I might try a lightened version for dinner.

Chicken Casserole

1 can celery soup

1/2 c mayonnaise

1 c French style green beans

1/2 c cooked rice

2 c cubed turkey or chicken

1 small can water chestnuts, sliced

Top with Pepperidge Farm stuffing, moistened as for use in a fowl or buttered crumbs

45 min – 350

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