Shortbread (Fidelis Cook Book)

In my opinion, shortbread is the quintessential snooty cookie, yet it is somehow a simple and humble treat when you deconstruct it via a recipe. It is simple and easy to make but has such an impressive output. It seems like it should be difficult. One of my favorite cookies for shipping overseas because it holds up well, shortbread is delicious when laced with lemon or almond extract, dipped in chocolate or used as the base for your strawberry shortcake.

These cookies feature the multicolored confetti sugar I remember from Mrs Parr’s house when we were very young. Note that although the recipe doesn’t say so, you will need to refrigerate and then slice the rolls.

Shortbread (Fidelis Cook Book)

1 c light brown sugar

2 c butter

4 c flour

Mix very thoroughly

Shape in rolls. Roll in colored sugar. Bake at about 325-350. Will burn quickly.

2 thoughts on “Shortbread (Fidelis Cook Book)

  1. Small correction – Mrs. Parr is really Miss Parr. How would you remember? She never was married, but did make good cookies, and she loved you girls. Jan T. always referred to her as Mrs. The shortbreads are good too and pretty in red or green sugar for Christmas.


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