Chicken Paprika

If you like paprika but don’t like bell peppers, well think again. Paprika is derived from the grinding of dried bell peppers. Paprika is widely available and the main producer is Hungary, which is why it is often associated with Hungarian cooking, such as goulash, but it’s used all over the world in various dishes. … Continue reading

Chicken Enchentee’ (Mary)

Pleased to meet you, Poulet, the pleasure is all mine, I’m sure. Please, rest here on this warm plate while I cover you with some beans and other vegetables. What’s that you say? Oh yes, here’s a drink of orange juice for your health. We’ll just keep you warm for a bit, right over here… … Continue reading

Chicken Casserole

You surely thought I had abandoned you, but in fact I was just enjoying the long weekend. Well, enjoying might be a stretch of the meaning of that word. My daughter had a flu bug and I’ve been preparing for a big weekend coming up July 10th/11th. It’s a big history timeline and my group … Continue reading