I enjoy penuche very much. It’s somehow light flavored. Penuche is reminiscent of maple syrup candy and pralines, and some recipes call for nuts – I would think pecans would be delicious. If you like caramel, you will probably like this. Gram clearly made notes later in life on this recipe. Her handwriting in the additions look to be from her later days.

The preparation for penuche is to bring it up to softball, then let it stand down to lukewarm. Then you add vanilla and/or nuts if you desire and stir it until it’s thick. You could use a mixer I suppose, or the paddle attachment on a stand mixer. Finally pour it into a pan and let it cool, at which time you cut it into bite sized pieces.


2 c brown sugar or 1 lb

1 c white sugar

milk 3/4 cup milk

butter size of 2 walnuts

1/2 c karo

2 thoughts on “Penuche

  1. I made some penuche the other day and it was a perfect failure. It never firmed up, even after refrigerating it. It does however taste delicious.


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