Pulled Mints

This sounds like a labor intensive treat, similar to my Mom’s comment the other day on Molasses Taffy. The kids would probably be given a hunk to pull between them. Here’s what she said about taffy: As I recall it needs to be poured onto a marble (or something) slab, then stirred around for a while and then pulled. Really pulled! We kids would each get a hunk and pull and stretch until it had a right consistency. Have you ever seen the taffy put on electronic arms – usually through a window at a candy store – and it pulls and stretches the mass until it is the “right” consistency.

She also checked her Fanny Farmer cookbook, and I may be completely off target here, but I suspect that pulled mints are similar to taffy. Here’s what the Fanny Farmer said about fondant, which is somehow similar to the finishing of taffy: During cooking, crystals form on the side of the pan.  Wipe them off with a strip of wet cheesecloth tied around the tines of a fork.  Pour without stirring onto marble slab or large platter [Armatel??] wiped over with damp cloth.  Cool until just barely warm.  Scrape and turn mixture toward center with spatula until white and creamy.  Knead [pull??] with hands until perfectly smooth. Cover with cloth wrung out of cold water and let stand half an hour.  Cut into pieces.  Store in glass jar covered with wet cloth or glass cover.  Let stand three or four days before using.

I have told my Mom about 50 times that I want her Fanny Farmer when she’s no longer using it. You just can’t buy cookbooks like it anymore!

Pulled Mints (Marnie)

2 c sugar

1/8 lb butter (2 oz)

1/2 c water

Boil to 250. Pour out onto marble slab. Pull – put in color – must use oil of peppermint.

3 thoughts on “Pulled Mints

  1. If you are craving mints, I have a fabulous recipe (haven’t made it for ages since a 1/2 recipe makes tons) that is super simple. Chocolate and mint, can’t go wrong. This pulled mint sounds yummy, but I’m out of luck with no marble slab.


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