Dill Pickles

We are going to switch it up next with some recipes that don’t involve any baking. This week is going to be pickle week! (But don’t worry, I’m still planning the yeast post)

I love pickles, dills are my favorite! Mernie is Gram’s sister, and this recipe is from her. Alum is a pickling ingredient used to preserve the crispness in the pickles. You can buy it in many grocery or baking specialty stores, or online. If you use too much it could give a metallic taste to your food, and use too little and the food won’t be as crisp as you may like. It’s considered safe when you use potassium alum, but apparently the FDA is trying to wean American’s off their dependency on alum. I wasn’t aware it was a problem, and there will probably be an alum purchase in my future. When I make this recipe, I will definitely consult some others for an idea of how much alum to use and of course how many pickling cucumbers.

Dill Pickles (Mernie)

3 quarts water

1 quart cider vinegar

1 c salt


Boil these together

Put a garlic bud in each jar, bunch of dill. Hot pepper if desired. Place pickles in jar with dill, pepper & garlic. Seal after pouring hot vinegar over.

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