Pickles (sweet)

I’ve just returned from my trip to Tennessee, where all things can be found pickled. I saw in a store a jar of watermelon pickles, regular pickles, pickled okra, pickled onions, and yes some other pickled things that shall remain nameless. So I figured I would post another of the pickle recipes that Gram had. … Continue reading

Icicle Pickles

We continue pickle week with another of Mernie’s recipes, this time for Icicle Pickles. I particularly like this recipe because it is written on the back of a church program and I picture them talking after church with Mernie explaining the recipe, though I doubt that is how it happened. The paper was folded quite … Continue reading

Dill Pickles (Hot)

This is very similar to Mernie’s pickle recipe from yesterday but it calls for hot peppers. I assume one would use chili peppers similar to these.  Depending on the intensity of the flavor you want, you could go with a spicier hot pepper. Interesting side note about peppers – the chemicals in peppers bind to … Continue reading

Dill Pickles

We are going to switch it up next with some recipes that don’t involve any baking. This week is going to be pickle week! (But don’t worry, I’m still planning the yeast post) I love pickles, dills are my favorite! Mernie is Gram’s sister, and this recipe is from her. Alum is a pickling ingredient … Continue reading