Hand Me Some More

Summer seems to be a good season to make pickles because of the wonderful produce growing in abundance that we don’t want to waste. This particular recipe intrigues me, one because it’s called “Hand Me Some More” suggesting people will want seconds, two because it combines cucumber, mango and onion. I know mangoes are a … Continue reading

Watermelon Pickles #2

Today we have recipe number two for watermelon pickles. ¬†This morning I asked my mom about yesterday’s recipe and she said that Auntie Fish was a close friend of Gram’s mother, Alice Sternberg. Fish was her last name, so Auntie Fish was a more familiar way of addressing her than Mrs. Fish, which seems rather … Continue reading

Watermelon Pickles #1

Yes, we have more than one recipe for watermelon pickles. Today’s is from Auntie Fish or Tish. I have never had watermelon pickles, have you? When I turned the card over to see if there were more instructions I found another recipe for watermelon pickles, which I will post tomorrow. Watermelon Pickles (Auntie Fish) Peel … Continue reading

Icicle Pickles

We continue pickle week with another of Mernie’s recipes, this time for Icicle Pickles. I particularly like this recipe because it is written on the back of a church program and I picture them talking after church with Mernie explaining the recipe, though I doubt that is how it happened. The paper was folded quite … Continue reading

Dill Pickles (Hot)

This is very similar to Mernie’s pickle recipe from yesterday but it calls for hot peppers. I assume one would use chili peppers similar to these.¬† Depending on the intensity of the flavor you want, you could go with a spicier hot pepper. Interesting side note about peppers – the chemicals in peppers bind to … Continue reading