Delicious for a Saturday morning

Friday evening we made Coffee Cake #2. This recipe was very easy and turned out quite nicely.

I used Crisco shortening since I happened to have it on hand. I mixed together all the dry ingredients for the cake and then added in the egg and shortening. I didn’t cream them, but it could be done if desired. This mixture I put into an 8×8 pan. It is a very thick and sticky batter that I had some annoying moments of it sticking to my spoon I was using, having to go back and mush it down into the corners, sticking, mushing, etc.

Next I made the topping. For the topping I wound up using 5 tbsp of butter instead of 4 because I can’t count well when I’m distracted by a three year old. I rolled the graham crackers into small pieces, mixed in the cinnamon and brown sugar, then poured in the melted butter. I used a fork to work the butter through the dry ingredients. Don’t use a bowl this small. The next size up would have been better. I spread this evenly over the cake.

We had another guessing game as to temperature and time, but I went with 350 for 30 minutes again. The cake rose significantly as a result of the baking powder. When I tested the cake at 30 minutes a toothpick came out clean, but the center started to droop a bit so I put it back in for another 10 minutes. The toothpick still came out clean, but the center was more firm.

The resulting cake is not terribly sweet but the topping more than makes up for it. It is a medium texture cake, not dense and not fluffy. It was a little crumbly. What I like is that the topping isn’t so loaded with sugar that it scrapes against your teeth when you bite into it. It really does melt in your mouth. With coffee on a Saturday morning, this was divine!

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