Welcome to Gram’s Recipe Box!

This past weekend my mother asked if I wanted this small white wooden box, which I knew to be a recipe box. My folks have been downsizing in preparation to move to a smaller home, so they are getting rid of everything but the kitchen sink! Anyhow, I thought it was empty and almost said no until I looked inside. There, inside this little white box, with it’s dings, scratched paint and years of use, were recipe cards, mostly written by my Grandma Pat. Gram passed many years ago, but I still have fond memories of the lovely smell of baking bread, and a little ditty she knew, of which I can now only remember “Mother’s kneading, kneading dough/in and out her knuckles go…” She taught us little songs and stories, needlepoint and games. Her humor was often dry and droll. According to my mother, who would know, Gram wasn’t much with vegetables (she overcooked them) and tended to cut meat with the grain instead of across it. But, her cookie recipes are some of my favorites, and of course, the bread. I hope you enjoy these recipes.

I don’t plan on making all of the recipes, but from time to time I will make some of them, and if so, I’ll post pictures. It is a blog, after all. If you decide to make one of these recipes I hope you’ll share your feedback and maybe a picture too.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Gram’s Recipe Box!

  1. So very nice to find you through our mutual friend, Connie. You are very blessed to have these recipes and I thank you for sharing with all of us. Best wishes with your blog.


  2. I also came through Connie’s site, where I have enjoyed your helpful historical comments. I think I will enjoy this site. It reminds me much of my own mother’s recipe box!


  3. Adding this to my favorites! I have some recipe treasures from my family and some from a friend’s Danish grandmother (Mormor). It was fun trying to convert old Danish ingredients into modern equivalents. I love how some of the recipes just don’t bother with certain ingredients or temperatures/times. Everyone knew that part! It would be like including “turn on oven” or “open oven door to check if brown.” You can tell favorite recipes by how tattered the card is and how many spills are on the paper. When I got married my mom copied many of her favorite recipe an laminated them for me. Make sure you do the same for Melody. Each stain reminds me of when we baked together and of all the beaters I licked.


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