Meatloaf (Oatmeal box)

Hopefully this will redeem the unusual ham loaf posted the other day. Diane B had a good idea about women copying the recipe off a box of a certain product. The Lasagna recipe indicated it was from the Hunts tomato paste can, and this one comes from an oatmeal box, although the brand isn’t specified.

These days, I use breadcrumbs in my meatloaf, but I remember the meatloaf my mom made had oatmeal in it, probably this recipe. We also had baked potatoes with meatloaf, but my husband is a mashed potato guy. Meatloaf is great because you can make it so many different ways. While this recipe is a little bland for me, some may like it cooked thus and add ketchup or barbecue sauce on the plate. I like to put in garlic and onion, along with a few secret ingredients and add no sauce after the fact. My husband has told me that I make better meatloaf than his mother, so I guess my goal in life is accomplished. :-)


1 1/2# ground beef

3/4 c oatmeal, uncooked

2 eggs, uncooked

1/4 c chopped onion

2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 c tomato juice

Pack in pan. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Let stand a while before slicing or turning out.

8 thoughts on “Meatloaf (Oatmeal box)

  1. What is it with men and meatloaf? Grant’s mother was a horrendous cook as a rule, but he had such fond memories of her meatloaf that I was intimidated to try to make one. I tried getting her secret to wonderful meatloaf and all she could remember was most likely using a packet of meatloaf seasoning from the store. I adapted one from Emeril after I saw him on a Super Bowl special making it. What I make isn’t healthy, but at least you’ll die happy. Grant even made me submit my recipe when the OC Register was running a story on meatloaf. Unfortunately, I didn’t get published in the paper, but I was the first online recipe listed: Be warned they have a picture of heart shaped meatloafs next to my recipe and those are NOT mine.


  2. Diane, the other meatloaves sound horrible!! That heart shape Valentine’s meatloaf looks like a bloody mess, and a few below that with the pile of slimy veggies, omg, I can’t even speak. Yours, however, has been copied into Word and will go into my cookbook. I may try it someday, when my heart is feeling up to it! :-)


  3. You will LOVE the recipe. Just make sure you don’t serve it to close to when you have to have your cholesterol checked! I am an avowed meat loaf hater and this is a good one–even for sandwiches which I really loathed.


  4. This sounds just like the recipe my mom made while growing up. I remember she used tomato juice because I got to drink the rest of the tomato juice that she did not use.


  5. This is the recipe I have used for 35 years or more. It is always wonderful! I add a special glaze to the top before I bake it, and I have extra for serving. Always a hit at my house.


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