Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day I’d like to post not a recipe today, but a few memories about Gram supplied by my mom (Gramma A), who is Gram’s daughter. When my mother was born in the 30s, the United States was not only in the grips of the Great Depression, but families were still fairly … Continue reading

Recipes inspire memories

Since I started this blog about a month ago, I have been asking my mother a lot of questions about the ingredients, the people who are credited for the recipes, and various family members and relationships. I hope that Mom is enjoying these looks  into the past as much as I am. Since Gram passed … Continue reading

Welcome to Gram’s Recipe Box!

This past weekend my mother asked if I wanted this small white wooden box, which I knew to be a recipe box. My folks have been downsizing in preparation to move to a smaller home, so they are getting rid of everything but the kitchen sink! Anyhow, I thought it was empty and almost said … Continue reading