Betty’s Seafood Casserole


My scanner is still on the fritz but I don’t want to hold off publishing recipes for that reason. So, once I get the scanner figured out, I will add in the recipe cards for any missing ones.

This recipe reminds me a bit of the faux crab salad you can get from the deli counter at your local grocery. Surely it will be better with real seafood in it. Also, this is a hot dish, but I bet it’s good as a cold salad once cooled. The question mark down there by the green pepper was Gram’s, and I wonder if she either thought it was too much green pepper, or maybe she didn’t like green pepper, etc.

Betty’s Seafood Casserole – 1 hr 300

1 pkg lobster tails

1 pkg crabmeat


Cook all

2 c celery

grated onion

1/2 c (?) green pepper

1 c Miracle Whip

Cover w. crushed potato chips

3 thoughts on “Betty’s Seafood Casserole

  1. Gram loved green peppers. She even stuffed them. I hated that dish, as I was not fond of green peppers. I can eat them now, but rarely. The “?” may have meant “optional”. Also, like to many old recipes, this calls for a pkg. How big a package – the sizes have changed substantially over the years to smaller sizes. I would assume pkg. might equal 1 lb. – a lot of casserole. But Betty had 3 kids, two of whom were boys, plus herself and Tom, so it would have fed them once.


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