Pumpkin Dessert

Should have posted this one before Thanksgiving, I suppose. As I work through these recipes sometimes the season and the “next up” don’t really coordinate. That’s ok, it’s always fun to read recipes! Pumpkin Dessert Crust 1 cup flour 1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup butter Mix, place in 9×13 pan, bake … Continue reading

Cherry Dessert again

Here’s another take on cherry dessert that is clearly lacking detail! My notes below, again. Cherry Dessert Place pie filling in bottom of 9×13 pan. Add white cake mix and nuts Slivers of oleo on top Bake 350 – 45 minutes 1 can cherry pie filling 1 box white cake mix 1/2 c chopped nuts … Continue reading

Cherry Dessert

This recipe is leaving me stymied. Is it complete? It sure seems like something is missing, however perhaps that is due to the way the cook wrote her notes to herself. Reading the recipe aloud it makes a bit more sense. I will add my interpretation below the recipe. The top may be like a … Continue reading

Pie Crust

Just say no to pie crust! Not really, I just have never mastered the art myself. Pillsbury is my friend in this department. Someone else (perhaps Diane B) can tell us if this sounds like a reliable recipe – or not. Pie Crust 3 cups flour 1 cup lard 1 tsp salt Beat 1 egg … Continue reading

Pie Crust

I have admitted in the past that me and the rolling pin are not good friends. I either wind up with the dough wrapped around the pin or so much flour the dough dries out. It’s frustrating and I’m not the type to throw away ruined dough and start over just so I can get … Continue reading

Lemon Fluff Pie

  This is a lemon meringue pie recipe that might also have some loft in the lemon custard part because beaten egg white is added to the custard. You will need a baked pie shell for this. Since I have never made a meringue pie before, here’s a link to a standard lemon meringue pie … Continue reading

Chess Pie #2

  Quite some time ago I posted another recipe for chess pie and a friend told me it is like a custard pie and delicious! I haven’t tried making one yet but Miss EE, if the first one didn’t work out, maybe try this one. :-) So, of course because the cook knew what she … Continue reading