Golden Peach Pie

Summer fruit pies are some of our favorites. I made a peach pie a couple weeks ago and it was divine. This particular recipe card leaves out a lot of information, so see my notes after the recipe.

Golden Peach Pie

3/4 c sugar or 2/4 white sugar and 1/4 brown sugar

2 or 3 Tbls flour or tapioca

1/4 tsp cinnamon

5 cups fresh pealed peaches

2 tbsp margarine or butter

400 45-50 minutes

To get 5 cups of sliced peaches, you need 5-6 whole peaches, they don’t all have to be ripe enough to bite into. Peel and pit them, then cut into bite sized chunks. Pour the sugar over the peaches and mix it around all the fruit. Set that aside covered with a tea towel at least 1 hour. 

Next, you will need a top and bottom crust. Use your favorite method (I use premade heh). Line your pie pan with one crust and prick the bottom with a fork a few times. If you are going to make a lattice, slice the other crust into 1″ wide strips and set aside.

After the peaches have set for at least 1 hour, drain off the juice that has collected into a small sauce pan. Mix that with the flour or tapioca (you can also use corn starch), and cinnamon and heat over low heat until it has thickened slightly. Mix this back into the peaches. Pour the fruit into the pie crust. Add dollops of butter around the top. Top with the top crust and crimp the edges. If not making a lattice crust, be sure to cut vent holes. Brush the top with milk gently for nice browning. Cover the edges of the crust with foil for the last 10-20 minutes of baking to prevent burning, so check at 25-30 minutes in the oven. Allow to cool an hour or more.

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