Sweet as a peach

Quite a while ago I posted this recipe for Peach Tart Pie, which had been one of my Gram’s recipes. At the time I commented that it would probably be a dessert that looked impressive but would be very easy. Well, passing through the market the other day I saw peaches…you know what happened next, … Continue reading

Lemon Cake Pie

This sounds really yummy. I love lemon cake and pie because it usually isn’t as sweet as chocolate can be. Plus when you use fresh lemons it can be a divine experience. Now, this recipe makes a custard pie filling but it’s confusing that the information on the pie crust was on the back of … Continue reading

Shoofly Pie (Grannie Marvel)

This really is an old recipe, again from the files of Grannie Marvel.   She also lived in southeastern Pennsylvania and lived well into her 80s.  Most of the people in that area were farmers, and this would have been a good dessert to top things off for the men who had worked in the fields.  … Continue reading

Grannie’s Sweet Potato Pie

This is a very old recipe.  I have never made it with canned sweet potatoes, though I often thought that would certainly be a time saver.  But, I’d suggest making it in the traditional manner.  Grannie is my husband’s grandmother, and Mrs. Marvel’s great grandmother. Grannie’s Sweet Potato Pie (Grannie Marvel) 1½ cups sweet potatoes, boiled … Continue reading

Pot Pie Dough (Ms. Ferby)

I apologize for my lag in postings, I have had a lot going on lately! I will be putting up a couple more of our Farmer’s Record recipes, and then Gramma A is going to step in for a bit while I am away. Don’t worry, it’s all good, I just need some down time. … Continue reading

Cream Pie

Unfortunately this recipe doesn’t have a name to identify what kind of pie this is, but the pudding filling makes it a cream pie of some kind with a meringue topping.  My best guess on the crust is that it calls for graham crackers. I will put some common sense directions in italics. Cream Pie … Continue reading

Chess Pie

I originally expected this to be a black & white pie because of the name, Chess Pie, but it is not. This is a creamy vanilla pudding pie baked and I bet decadent. Note that there is no cooking time, so I’d suggest starting at 30 minutes, although I don’t know exactly what “done” looks … Continue reading