Nut filling

Many of these recipes seem to work with others in the collection, such as this one for nut filling. It could go well with Verne’s Basic Dough, Poppy Seed Rolls, or any of the kolacky recipes. Nut Filling 1 lb walnuts (ground) 2 egg whites ( beaten with fork) 1 c sugar 2 T honey … Continue reading

Poppy Seed Roll Cake Dough

There in the corner, where it says “from the kitchen of…” is one of the wonderful aspects of these old recipe cards I love. People traded recipes after they had tried a sampling of someone’s cooking. In this example, we assume that F. Kotch had these roll/cakes at some sort of gathering, maybe even a … Continue reading

Sweet Roll Dough

  This recipe for sweet roll dough doesn’t tell us what to do with it once it’s ready to be baked. Shall we take a guess? Break it into smaller roll sized portions and bake? If you have an idea, please share in the comments. Sweet Roll Dough 2 cakes yeast 1/4 c lukewarm water … Continue reading

Poppy Seed Roll

Here’s a yellowed with age recipe card that has clearly been used numerous times. As I scanned it, that wrinkled part in the top right corner broke off in my hand! Such is the case with old recipes, so I am glad I have this scanned and preserved for everyone to enjoy. There were a … Continue reading