Cherry or Berry Pie

Cherry pie is my favorite pie, hands down. I usually use a can of pie filling, but for the very best cherry pie, fresh cherries are a must. This recipe, like many other fruit pie recipes, can be adapted to other fruits such as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, or even a mix of fresh berries. I do find it interesting that the pie is a single crust pie, only the top. Usually a fruit pie is a two-crust pie, both the bottom and the top. I think you can read pretty well the recipe for the pastry, or use a premade one (which is what I do).

Fresh Berry Pie (with variations)

Mix together:

7/8 to 1 cup sugar * use smaller or larger amount depending on sweetness of the berries

4 tbsp flour

dash of salt

Sprinkle lightly over: 4 cups ripe, cleaned berries in mixing bowl

Gently spoon into 8 1/2″ baking dish (1 3/4″ deep) or deep 9″ dish

Sprinkle with: 1/2 tsp cinnamon * lemon juice is often used with blueberries 1 1/2 tbsp for 9″ pie

Dot with: 1 tbsp butter

Sprinkle over mixture: 2 tbsp water or juice from berries

Cover with chilled pastry

Form a fluted edge if desired (inside dish if deep dish is used). For a shiny crust, brush lightly with milk just before baking. Bake about 40 minutes using a hot oven (450º) for first 10 minutes, reducing heat to moderate oven (350º) to finish baking. Serve while slightly warm. (Cut in wedge shaped pieces and then serve with a spoon)

Fresh Cherry Pie

Make same as Fresh Berry Pie except use pitted sour cherries in place of berries; use about 1 1/2 cups sugar for the 9″ pie; leave out the cinnamon and add a drop of almond extract.

Fresh Peach (or Apricot) Pie

Make same as Fresh Berry Pie except use sliced peaches (or apricots) in place of berries. Use the smaller amount of sugar.

2 thoughts on “Cherry or Berry Pie

  1. Can it really be a pie if it only has a top crust? I’ve heard of bottom crust only, but top only? The crust recipe is very similar to the classic Crisco recipe I use (thanks, Mom!) except the proportions are a smidge different. I would think this would make a slightly drier, less tender crust.

    If your berries are really juicy, add some additional flour. You’ll still have berry soup, but you’ll feel like you tried to make pie and not soup. Our blackberry pies were always so juicy it didn’t matter what we did, we always had them bubble over and be super runny. I miss that blackberry bush


    • I miss that blackberry bush too! Warm blackberries fresh from the vine were the best. The very first blackberries I ever had were in your backyard.


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