Self-frosting Spice-Nut Cake

From another site on the internet, I saw a comment that in the 1960s, the easiest food was the best food. A cake that frosts itself must have seemed like a dream to homemakers who baked a cake every week (or in some cases every day). Not to say that making frosting is difficult, but with the need to cool the cake before icing, it adds to the length of time spent on making the cake. If two steps could be combined into one, all the more time saved. This particular cake has a meringue frosting, which reminds me in some ways of Martha Washington’s Great Cake. That had a merengue layer that was baked onto the cake. It’s an entirely different thing, but that’s how my mind works. :-)

Self-Frosting Spice-Nut Cake

1 1/2 c enriched flour

1/4 teas salt

2 1/2 teas B.P.

1/2 teas cinnamon

1/2 teas nutmeg

1/2 teas allspice

1/2 c shortening

1 c B. sugar

1/2 c milk

1/2 teas vanilla

Sift together twice flour, salt, B.P., & spices. Cream shortening & sugar; beat in egg yolks. Stir in dry ingredients alternately with milk & vanilla. Spread batter in greased 13x9x2 pan.

Nut Icing

Add 1/8 teas salt to 2 egg whites & beat until stiff. Beat in 1/2 of B. Sugar (takes 3/4 c altogether) & fold in remainder. Spread meringue on batter. Sprinkle with chopped nuts (3/4 c). Bake in moderate oven 350 35 minutes


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