Mock Drumsticks

Usually when I think of a “mock” item, I imagine chicken being the meat made to mock something else, not the other way around. Here, veal and pork are shaped into the representation of a drumstick and deep fried like a fried chicken leg. These days, veal is hard to find as the meat industry has reduced its production based on the inhumane treatment of beef calves. I’d be more inclined to make mock drumsticks from turkey breast so to get the shape without the sinew and gristle of a true turkey leg.

Mock Drumsticks

Cut lean veal and pork in large cubes and pound flat with a wooden mallet. Add salt, pepper and paprika. Insert wooden skewers through the pieces of meat, alternating the veal and pork. Pat the meat into drumstick shape and dip in well beaten egg, then in fine crumbs seasoned with salt and paprika. Sauce in hot fat until well done. Serve with a garnish of parsley.

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