Cheese Torte

This poor little notation that starts on the bottom of one page and continues on the top of the next has seen some rough times. I believe some of the ingredients are missing and probably some of the method. What I can make out seems so incomplete. I did some googling and found a variety of cheesecake recipes that use zwieback crisps in the crust. I really don’t know about this one. At least two lines are missing from the bottom of the first image. This poor book falls apart a little every time I handle it, which I think is part of the reason I’m feeling the urge to scan it recently. It is literally falling apart. So sad!

Cheese Torte

1 lb cheese

1/2 pt cream

3 eggs

? cup sugar

beat egg with (unreadable and broken lines)

swieback [sic] cover tin with it moisten it with butter


Here’s a recipe for a Cheese Torte from a similar website that scans & shows the original handwritten recipe card. Cheese Torte from yesterdish.

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