Chow Chow #2

Chow Chow 2

I think the best way to describe chow chow might be “pickled vegetables.” Do you agree? This particular version of chow chow calls for onions, peppers, and celery. See our previous post for Chow Chow or green tomato relish for other versions, plus I have another to post at some point. Remember that mangoes are really bell peppers in these recipes. For now, check out Chow Chow #2.

Chow Chow

12 onions

6 red peppers

6 green peppers

1 bunch celery

1 qt water

1 qt vinegar

Not mentioned on the card – an unknown quantity of mushrooms, pickling spices

Chop vegetables. Let boil for about 20 minutes. Add mushrooms (cooked twice, drained and reboiled) Cook 5 minutes. Add 3T pickling spices in cloth & remove bag.

2 thoughts on “Chow Chow #2

  1. Do you know why bell peppers were called mangoes? I would have thought that the availability of bell peppers would predate the availability of mangoes so why don’t we call mangoes something else? Just pondering.


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