Hand Me Some More

Hand Me Some More

Recipe from Hannah Reese

Hand Me Some More Back

Some kind of pickle

Summer seems to be a good season to make pickles because of the wonderful produce growing in abundance that we don’t want to waste. This particular recipe intrigues me, one because it’s called “Hand Me Some More” suggesting people will want seconds, two because it combines cucumber, mango and onion. I know mangoes are a very popular fruit in many cultures, but I have never quite enjoyed the taste. However, mango salsa can be very good because it mixes the sweet and spicy flavors of mango and onion. This pickling proposal appears to do the same.

Not being very experienced at pickling, I can surmise the method but I welcome any and all input.

Hand Me Some More (Hannah Reese)

1 doz cucumbers

3 red mangoes

3 green mangoes (probably bell peppers)

4 big onions

Soak together in salt & water. Set in brine 3 hours. Drain & rinse.

Put on to boil

4 cups sugar

2 tablespoon celery seed

2 tablespoon mustard seed

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 qt vinegar

1 pt water

Heat vinegar, then put everything in. Then let it come up to a boil twice.

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