Quick Lazy Day Lasagna


An easy recipe for lasagna


Don’t forget the cook time!

Any recipe that involves the words “quick” and “lazy” have a high potential for being tried in my house. But looking at this recipe, it seems pretty standard for an Italian pasta dish I made recently with large penne noodles. The concept of making a lasagna with noodles other than traditional lasagna noodles is not new, and is very popular on sites like Pinterest. :-) In fact, this looks a heck of a lot like another recipe I posted here, recently.

Quick Lazy Day Lasagna

1 box ragatoni noodles

1 lb rogatta cheese

3 eggs

1 lb shredded motserella cheese

1 jar large Progresso marinara or spaghetti sauce with meat

Cook noodles. Combine regatta cheese with 3 eggs, beat well. Add a little spaghetti sauce in pan. Layer cooked noodles, ricotta, & other cheese mixture & sauce. Finish with shredded cheese & sauce. Bake 1 hour 325º.

One thought on “Quick Lazy Day Lasagna

  1. I make lasagna several times a year. I never understood why mix eggs with the cheese? I use cottage cheese and no eggs. What do the eggs do?


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