Quick Lazy Day Lasagna

Any recipe that involves the words “quick” and “lazy” have a high potential for being tried in my house. But looking at this recipe, it seems pretty standard for an Italian pasta dish I made recently with large penne noodles. The concept of making a lasagna with noodles other than traditional lasagna noodles is not … Continue reading

Sloppy Lasagna #2

I recently shared with you a recipe called Sloppy Lasagna – which sounds really yummy and easy. This particular card appears to be virtually identical in ingredients and method, so the cook could have forgotten that she wrote it twice, or wrote out one to share and then forgot to give it to someone. I’m … Continue reading

Italian Cheesecake

Another recipe that takes more than one card but I think this one is due to the cook’s handwriting more than it being a laborious process. I have never made a cheesecake because I have heard they are labor intensive. A good friend of mine makes THE best cheesecake and I don’t think I could … Continue reading