Bread Paska

Bread Paska


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From the recent acquisition of fantastic handwritten recipes, I decided to start with some that were unfamiliar to me. Paska had me looking to the internet for more information. As it turns out, paska is an Easter bread served in Eastern European countries as well as Assyrian Iran. It is associated with the resurrection of Christ and can feature a cross shape made into the top of the loaf. Some traditions hold that the loaf should be surrounded by colored eggs to symbolize those who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ. Paska is traditionally made with milk, butter, eggs, flour and sugar. Variations have developed as people who enjoy paska have emigrated to other countries and shared the recipe with friends and family. This particular paska recipe includes mashed potatoes. I am open to any reader input on the directions below, as some of the writing is cramped and it seems like she missed some ingredients in the description (when do you add the sugar?).

Bread Paska

10 lb flour

6 eggs (beaten well)

2 lg cakes yeast

1 c sugar

2 c mashed potatoes (save water)

3 T salt

1 c oil

1 qt scalded milk

1 can milk

3/4 lb butter

1 c potato water

Place flour in bowl, add salt & mashed potatoes. Gradually add liquid (cooled), add beaten eggs & yeast last. Mix thoroughly turning dough toward you. Mix until flour mixture doesn’t stick to your hands. Allow to rise to double. Knead 3 times. Let rise. Place in round greased pan until double. Brush with beaten egg yolk or canned cream. Bake 350 1 hour. White raisins may be used.

8 1 1/2 lb loaves

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