Imperial Sunshine Cake

In doing a little research on this recipe, I learned that there are variations called Sunshine Cake and Imperial Cake. Those called Imperial Cake may have originated with the Imperial margarine company. Interestingly, this recipe has no butter or margarine in it. Secondly, the sunshine always seems to indicate citrus flavor – in this case orange extract, but in others, lemon. Both would be refreshing on a sunny, summer day. The beaten eggs will give you a fine, foamy texture, like a chiffon or angel cake, and in fact this is baked in an angel cake pan. While it seems a bit labor intensive, this cake would be worth the effort, I am sure. You need not frost it, but perhaps serve it with raspberries, orange slices, or other fresh fruit on the side. This recipe is going on my “to do” list for the summer.

Imperial Sunshine Cake

1 1/2 c sugar

1/2 c water

6 eggs beaten separately (whites & yolks)

1/4 teas salt

1 c flour

3/4 teas cream of tartar

1 teas orange extract

Boil sugar & water until it threads when dropped from spoon. Pour the hot syrup in a fine stream on the beaten egg whites to which salt has been added, beating mixture until cool. Then add the well beaten egg yolks. Sift the flour once, measure, add cream of tartar & sift again 3 times. Fold very carefully into the egg mixture. Add extract. Pour into an ungreased angel cake pan & bake 50 to 60 minutes in a moderately slow oven. When done, invert to cool.

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