Quince Honey

At first I thought this was for something called Quince Haney, but upon research I found a great newspaper clipping for Quince Honey that is almost identical to this one. I have never tried a quince myself, so I could not tell you if this is sweet or what. The quince is supposed to be similar in texture to apples and pears, but sour unless combined with other fruit and/or sugar. I will add some general instructions in italics.

The page has three recipes on it, Quince Honey, Quince Jam and Snickerdoodles. I tend to think of Snickerdoodles as a 1970s creation but the name Snickerdoodle can be traced back to the early 1900s as a sort of Superman/Tom Thumb character in tall tales rendered by Otis Ham. There are suggestions that the cookie was named in his honor, or that it was named from the German or Dutch word for snail. I’ll go with “cookie names that honor obscure early American heroes, Alex.”

Quince Honey

2 quince

1 apple

3 pt water

3 lbs sugar

Grate quince and apple. Bring to boil water and sugar. Add fruit and boil until thick.

Quince Jam

4 quince

3 lbs sugar

1 pt water

Peel and chop the quince, combine sugar, water & fruit, boil. Skim and can. I found a great “how to” for canning jam in general which uses a quince jam recipe to illustrate.


1 cup light brown sugar

1 egg

1/2 cup chopped nuts

2 cups of flour

1 cup sweet milk

2 tablespoons full of butter

2 teaspoonsful B.P.

Drop with the spoon full

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