I have no idea if I am reading this right, but it sure looks like “springlers” to me. What do you think? Also, the quantity is quite large – 3 pounds of flour, a dozen eggs. What could this possible be? UPDATED: My smart, smart readers all agree this is a recipe for Springerles, a … Continue reading

A new mystery

I am not completely sure what this is supposed to be, so we’ll put this out for comments and hopefully solve the mystery. I assume it consists of lime frozen concentrate and ice cream, maybe vanilla? What you do with these ingredients is part of the mystery. Have fun! Mystery 3 TB lime froze con. … Continue reading

Mystery Recipe

This one is only a mystery because the top of the paper has worn off over time, if there was a name there at all. Gram certainly loved to cut up these slips of paper, probably advertisements, to use as scratch pads. I finally figured out that these ones that have the big blue writing … Continue reading

It’s a mystery

Not all of Gram’s recipes sound so great, I must admit. Here’s one with no title that uses lemon jello, V8 juice and mayonnaise, among other ingredients. Oh yuck! I can guarantee I won’t be making this. It sounds like one of those 70s jello rings served with a tomato-carved-like-a-flower in the center. Mystery #1 … Continue reading