Lemon Sherbert

  So you think you know what “sherbert” is? Well, first off, it’s sherbet, not with the extra R. Second, sherbet in America is different from sherbet in other countries and regions. Everywhere else, sherbet is the same as sorbet, an iced fruit dessert (except for some Asian regions where it is like a cake). … Continue reading

A new mystery

I am not completely sure what this is supposed to be, so we’ll put this out for comments and hopefully solve the mystery. I assume it consists of lime frozen concentrate and ice cream, maybe vanilla? What you do with these ingredients is part of the mystery. Have fun! Mystery 3 TB lime froze con. … Continue reading

Caramel Sauce

I don’t recall if we ever had this caramel sauce on ice cream when we visited Gram. The one very special dessert I do remember at her house was spent with my cousins George and Margie, my mother, sister, Gram and Grandpa. We had blueberries and cream and George found a little worm in his … Continue reading